COVID-19 Support

COVID-19 cases are rising in Colorado. To protect staff and clients, some Colorado county child support offices are adjusting their operations and may be closed. We strongly encourage you to contact your local office for updates on changes to hours of operation and services regarding your child support case. 

During this challenging time, the Colorado Child Support Services Program is here to make things easier for you – and your child.

We know that many parents and caretakers will continue to need financial support for their child and, for some, the need is increasing. Paying parents may be struggling financially and worried about missing their payments.

If you are unable to make your monthly child support payments, please contact your caseworker as soon as possible. The caseworker can work with you on alternative options. You can find contact information for all county child support offices in Colorado by entering your City or County in the Find a County Child Support Office search button placed on every page of this website.

If you’d like to download an application for child support or begin an online application, please click on the APPLY button on any page of this website.

For status updates on your child support case, to make payments or to review your payment records, login to your FSR account by clicking on the LOGIN button on any page of this website.

If you have lost your job and have questions about unemployment benefits, visit the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment website. Find more links to community resources.

For information regarding child support and COVID-19 stimulus payments review additional child support COVID-19 FAQs