Guiding Values & Principles

Collaboratively, our mission is to promote, design, and deliver family-centered child support services.

Our values and principles: 

Value: People-First Approach
Principle: We believe in child support services that support the whole person, the whole family, and the whole community. Our services will be individual- and family-focused, family-driven and community-based.


Value: Organizational Culture
Principle: We will strive to foster an inclusive working environment where people are valued, recognizing
the need to have balance in life to be productive and effective in our jobs. We will provide staff with the
knowledge, resources, and support to deliver quality services while embracing innovation.


Value: Accountability
Principle: We operate in a way that reflects honesty, integrity, and reliability and adheres to federal, state,
and local laws and regulations. Together with our county partners and stakeholders, we are accountable
first and foremost to the families we serve to remain committed to our mission.


Value: Transparency
Principle: We build confidence in our operations by being open, accessible, and clear about our services
and our limitations.


Value: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Principle: We believe in treating people equitably, so all families have the opportunity to reach their full
potential. We offer child support services that value and respect the diversity of the State of Colorado and
are committed to continuing to learn and grow in this area.


Value: Collaboration
Principle: We are stronger together when we work with all of our stakeholders—the families we serve and
other members of the community as well as program staff— toward excellent service.

Mission and values developed through the Colorado Child Support Strategic Plan, Empowering
Families in 2023 and Beyond. View the entire plan here. 

CSS staff – at the state office and in county child support offices across Colorado – are dedicated to helping you provide for your family. The safety and well-being of children is our top priority.
This website is designed to guide parents and caretakers through the process of applying for child support services and receiving child support payments, as well as help employers understand their role in a child support order.
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