Receiving Payments

There are several ways you can receive child support payments through the Family Support Registry (FSR).
Your Role
The person ordered to receive support is the obligee. You have a 10-digit FSR account number to identify your account.
Processing Timeframes
Payments are processed the same business day they are received. Obligee payments are then generally issued within two business days.
It is important that you keep us updated on your current mailing address. If your information changes, please email or call 303-299-9123  or toll-free 800-374-6558.

Electronic Payment Options

You may sign up to receive payments electronically. Funds issued electronically are typically available in two business days.

Direct Deposit

  • You can set up your direct deposit online here
  • There is no fee charged and the payment will be deposited directly into your bank account

 Child Support Payment Card

  • You can set up your Child Support Payment card online here
  • There is no fee and the payment is deposited directly to a prepaid debit card
  • The card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted
  • You can check card balances and view transactions online

Check your card balance by calling 855-279-2523 or 719-619-3704 or visiting the website at

Payment Records
The FSR can provide a legal record of all payments paid out for your account. You can access this information by logging in or creating your account here: Online Account.
For questions on enrolling in or changing an electronic payment receipt option or disbursement records, please call the FSR at 303-299-9123 or 800-374-6558 or email