Interstate Cases

Different laws and regulations are used when parents or caretakers who need child support services live in different states. Depending on the case, Colorado may be able to handle it the same way it would an in-state case. In other cases, the county child support office may need to contact the other state to help establish parentage, set up support, enforce a child support order and/or change an order.
A set of laws, known as the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA), are used to guide interstate cases. If legal action is needed to establish or enforce an order in another state, UIFSA asks child support agencies to work together. The county child support office must follow the other state’s laws, regulations, procedures and rely on the other state’s staff when working on the case.

If the county child support office asks for help from another state to establish or enforce a child support order, that office will continue to handle the case and will be responsible for communicating with the other state. Remember to contact the county child support office where you receive services if you have information about the other person’s address and employment. Please also contact that office if you have questions or your information changes.

Download these flyers for questions and answers about interstate cases.