New Hire Reporting

Check Out Our Redesigned New Hire Reporting Portal!

Colorado’s New Hire Reporting Employer Services Portal has been refreshed with a modern, user-friendly design that’s easy for employers to navigate on all types of devices. Within the portal, employers can:

  • Search their new hire reporting history
  • Fix pending records the same day they are posted
  • Correct rejected new hire records
  • Access expanded reporting options 

Employers will be asked to set up a new profile and password to login to the portal. 

Login to the portal here or find out more about how to report new hires below.

Child support is typically collected by withholding income from the paying parent’s paycheck. When a child support order is created in Colorado, the county child support office will verify the paying parent’s employment through the State Directory of New Hires

Federal law (42 USC 653A(b)(1)(A)) requires employers to report all new hires through this confidential and secure database.  

Employers must report any new hire within 20 calendar days of the hire. If the employee’s first scheduled payroll follows the 20-day period, the report can be submitted then. Any new hires submitted electronically must be reported twice per month, no fewer than 12 and no more than 16 days apart.

Who to Report

  • Newly hired employees. A "newly hired employee" is defined as an employee who has not been employed by the employer in the past. This may also be an employee who was previously employed but 60 consecutive days have passed since their last date of employment. 
  • Rehired employees. If the employee returning to work is required to complete a new W-4 or has not been employed by the company for 60 consecutive days, they should be reported as a new hire.
  • Contractors. Per Colorado Revised Statutes §13-54-104, 14-10-115 and 14-14-102, payments made to independent contractors are subject to income withholding for child support. Independent contractors should be reported if they provide a social security number to their employers. 

What to Report

  • Employee name
  • Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of birth
  • Date of hire – This is the first day services are performed for wages.
  • Employer Information 
  •         Payroll address
  •         Federal identification number (FEIN)

How and Where to Report

Report online at the State Directory of New Hires website