Changing an Order

Child support orders can be reviewed for a potential change at any time. You may want to request a review of an order because:

  • The child has emancipated (left home) and is no longer living with the person receiving payment;
  • Your income, or the other parent’s, has changed;
  • The costs of raising the child have changed (i.e. health care costs or day-care expenses);
  • The number of overnight visits the child has with the other parent has changed; or
  • It has been three years since your order was last reviewed. 

All child support review requests must be made in writing at the county child support office handling your case. The request must also include an Income and Expense Affidavit, supporting documents and list the reason for the change.
Following the review, the child support order may go up, down or stay the same. It can take up to six months to review and change an order.
The following resources can help you as you think about requesting a review of your child support order:

Review and Adjustment Request Form and Affidavit with Respect to Child Support 
The Colorado link includes both the Review and Adjustment Request form and the required Income and Expense Affidavit.

Use this form to request a review of your current child support order. Complete both the request form and the affidavit and turn in the completed forms along with the verification documents that are requested by the county child support office handling your case.
Changing a Child Support Order
A resource guide from the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement
This guide provides information to help parents, and people who work with parents, better understand the child support review and modification process. Parents and others can find phone numbers, websites and forms (where available) to start the modification process.

Calculating Child Support Order Amounts