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Review and Adjustment Request

You must have an open IV-D case with a Colorado Delegate Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Unit in order for our program to conduct the Review.

Please complete both the Income and Expense Affidavit and the Review and Adjustment Request for Review (see below) to process your request for possible modification of your child support order. Mail both completed forms to the county Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Unit handling your case.

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Note: The provision of your social security number is voluntary. However, if you fail to provide your social security number, we will not be able to process your request. Social security numbers are used by the Division of Child Support to locate individuals for the purposes of establishing paternity, establishing support obligations, modifying and enforcing child support obligations and distributions of child support payments.

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  • Either parent may ask Child Support Enforcement (CSE) to review their child support order for possible modification. If your order was reviewed or entered in the last three years, your request must show written evidence that a substantial change of circumstances has occurred. CSE will notify both parents every three years of their right to request a review.

  • If you are requesting a review because there has been a significant change in circumstances, please include documents supporting the change if possible, for example: pay stubs, childcare statements, etc.

  • Once the CSE office begins the review, we will complete the process as long as our agency has an open child support case with either parent.

  • A review could result in an upward or a downward modification or may indicate that no change is warranted, or may change to include or modify medical coverage.

  • If the child support amount is adjusted, the order will be effective from the date the order is signed by the parties or the court, or the date the request is filed with the court.