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Making An Employer Payment

Make checks payable to the Family Support Registry (FSR). It is Colorado’s centralized collection and disbursement unit for processing child support and/or maintenance payments. The FSR processes payments for cases being enforced by a county Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Unit and for “Registry Only” orders.

Mail payments to:
Family Support Registry
P.O. Box 2171
Denver, Colorado 80201-2171

Provide the following information with each payment:

  • Payment Amount (for each FSR Account Number*)
  • FSR Account Number*
  • Employee name
  • Employee SSN
  • Date withheld
  • Employer FEIN or FSR Employer ID number*

*The FSR Account Number and FSR Employer ID can be found on the Order/Notice to Withhold Income for Child Support or the Notice of Payment Redirection.

Payment Options
The following options are available to employers for remitting child support:

  • Coupons - Generally, the FSR mails employer payment coupons after the 16th of each month to employers who send payments to the FSR and have 10 or fewer employees with active income withholdings. The employer should confirm that the pre-printed information is correct.
    • When you send a payment:
      • Write the amount and date of withholding on each coupon
      • Send a single check for the total amount of all coupons
    • Contact the FSR Employer Outreach Department to:
      • Request coupons
      • Discontinue coupons
      • Change the payroll frequency of an employee
      • Update employer information

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Debit - This feature allows employers to make online, one-time or recurring, payments from their checking or savings account. The Colorado Family Support Registry will initiate an ACH debit to withdraw the payment for the amount designated by the employer on a specified date. This function requires an additional registration and login process by the employer. *Please verify with your bank in advance to make sure your account can be debited. A vendor authorization code can be provided if needed.

    SMART E-Pay

  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - This feature allows employers to reconcile employee information so that they may begin to submit payments electronically via the ACH network. The employer transmits a payment file using the CCD+ or CTX 820 file format to their financial institution. The financial institution then sends the payment file to the Colorado Family Support Registry for processing. This function requires an additional registration and login process by the employer. * We are unable to accept Prearranged Payment and Deposits (PPD) file formats.

    SMART E-Pay

  • Credit/Debit Card Payments - The FSR has partnered with Value Payment Systems (VPS) to accept credit and debit card payments. Credit and debit card payments can be made by visiting the VPS website. VPS charges a service fee based on the payment amount. Please select the link below to be taken to the VPS website.

    To make a credit or debit card payment you will need the following information

    • Obligor's name
    • Obligor's FSR Account Number
    • Employer FEIN

    Value Payment Systems (VPS)

  • Contact the FSR Employer Outreach Department questions regarding any of the above options.

Payment Records
Upon request, the FSR can provide an employer with an individual employee’s payment records for his/her FSR accounts. Contact the FSR Employer Outreach Department.

Missing / Lost Payments
In order for the FSR to search for a payment you believe was lost, we need the following information before you contact us:

  • Payment check number
  • Payment check amount
  • Date check cleared employer’s bank
  • Employee(s) name(s)
  • Employee(s) identifying information such as FSR account number or social security number

Upon request, the FSR will research to see if the payment has been received. If it is determined that the payment has not been received at the FSR, and you choose to do a stop payment, you will need to contact the FSR Employer Outreach Department.

Employer Outreach Online Reference
If you would like more online information about Employer Outreach, please consult the FSR Employer Outreach Guide.

OCSE Income Withholding Resources
The Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) also offers resources and assistance concerning income withholding to employers. If you have further questions or need more information, please visit OCSE Income Withholding Process for Private Sector Employers if you are a private sector employer, or OCSE Income Withholding Process for Federal Agency Employers if you are a federal agency employer.

Updated May 2016

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