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Family Support Registry

The Family Support Registry (FSR) is Colorado's centralized collection and disbursement unit for processing child support and maintenance payments. Federal law requires each state to operate a centralized state disbursement unit. The FSR processes payments for cases being enforced by the various county Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Unit and "Registry Only" orders that are not being enforced by the county CSE Unit.

The FSR is responsible for activities associated with payment processing, such as:

  • Address changes
  • Payment inquiries
  • Payment records

Advantages of Using the Family Support Registry

  • Provides an accurate and easily accessible legal record of all
    Keep relationships alive and
    payments received on your account
  • Easily accessible payment records
  • State-of-the-art technology to ensure fast, efficient, and consistent processing of payments
  • Access to payment information through the FSR's "Interactive Voice Response Unit" is available 24 hours a day in English and Spanish
  • Customer service representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. MST
  • Easy to use coupons for those who remit payments
  • Electronic payment options such as recurring automatic withdrawal and pay-by-phone
  • Direct deposit of payments to your bank account or FSR Card

"Registry Only" Accounts
A "Registry Only" account is one in which:

  • A Colorado court has ordered the payment of child support or maintenance payments through the Colorado Family Support Registry (FSR)
  • Neither parent has applied to a local county child support enforcement unit for help with the collection or enforcement of child support
  • The party with the child(ren) is not receiving public assistance

Registry Only accounts are also referred to as Non IV-D (pronounced 'Non Four-D') accounts.

If you would like more online information about the Family Support Registry and your Non IV-D account(s), please consult the FSR Reference Guide.

Family Support Registry Account
If the judge/magistrate signed your order which says that your child support or maintenance payments are to be made through the FSR and all the required information is on the order, you will receive a new account notice from the FSR. You will be assigned a unique FSR account number that the FSR will use to process your payments. The notice will give you your FSR account number. You may call the FSR Customer Service Department if you do not know your account number, or have questions regarding the account.

Payment Coupons for Registry Only Accounts
For Registry Only accounts, coupons are provided as a courtesy to attach with payments. This helps to insure accurate and timely processing by the FSR. You are responsible for meeting your monthly obligation with or without the preprinted coupon.

  • The first coupon for an account will be sent to the party paying support two weeks after the account is set up with the FSR
  • Each time a coupon is sent in with a payment, a new coupon will be sent the following business day
  • If no coupon is returned with a payment, two more coupons will be sent on a monthly basis and then no further coupons will be sent

If you need to have these payment coupons re-started or want them stopped, please contact the FSR Customer Service Department.

Help with Collection
If you have a Registry Only account and are not receiving payments as ordered, your local county CSE Unit can help you collect on and enforce your child support order. Refer to Starting a Case for details on applying for those services.

Note: Local courts are responsible for legal aspects of support or maintenance orders such as custody changes and modification of support or maintenance amounts. Contact the Colorado court where the order was entered for questions related to these issues.

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