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Making & Receiving Payments

When a county Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Unit becomes involved with the enforcement of your court ordered support, you will be required to make your payments to the Family Support Registry.

The Family Support Registry (FSR) Account Number
A unique FSR account number will be assigned to process your payments. The county CSE Unit will give you your FSR number. You may call the FSR Customer Service Department if you do not know your account number, or have questions regarding the account.

Please have your FSR account number available any time you contact the FSR.

Making Payments by Check or Money Order

  • Make all payments payable to the "Family Support Registry."
  • Do not send cash
  • You must include the following information with all payments:
    • Your FSR account number
    • The name of the individual who owes support
    • Your court case number
    • Amount remitted for each FSR account number
  • Enclose your coupon with each payment
  • Mail Payments to:
    Family Support Registry
    P.O. Box 2171
    Denver, CO 80201-2171

Processing Time Frames
Payments received with the FSR account number are processed on the same business day they are received at the FSR, and typically disbursed the following business day to the custodial party.

Payment Records
Upon request, the FSR is able to provide you with a legal record of all payments received at the FSR for your account. Contact the FSR Customer Service Department.

Annual $25.00 Service Fee - Deficit Reduction Act (DRA)
Beginning October 1, 2007, new federal and state laws require all states to collect an annual $25 fee for cases that meet the following conditions:

  • 1.   The custodial party has never received cash public assistance (AFDC or TANF) from Colorado or any other state. TANF or AFDC cash assistance does NOT include Food Stamps, WIC, child care, Medicaid, and/or Kid Care;
  • 2.   The custodial party has received at least $500 in child support payments during the current federal year. The federal year starts on October 1 and continues until September 30 of the following calendar year.

If you have ever received TANF or AFDC cash assistance from Colorado or any other state, please contact the State Office of Child Support.

Missing/Lost Checks Sent to the FSR

For Cases Enforced by a County CSE Unit
If your case is being enforced by a county CSE Unit, and you have reason to believe that a payment is missing or lost, you may need to contact your CSS Unit for assistance.

The FSR needs the following information to search for a payment you believe was lost:

  • Payment check number
  • Payment check amount
  • Date check cleared the bank
  • Employee name
  • Payor / Employee identifying information, that may have been included with the payment, such as social security number

For Registry Only Accounts
If your account is a Registry Only account (also referred to as a Non IV-D account), and you have reason to believe that a payment is missing or lost, you will need to obtain the information listed above in order for the FSR to search for the payment.

Electronic Payment Options for Making Payments

Recurring Automatic Withdrawal
This option lets you pay your child support or maintenance payment by authorizing a regularly scheduled withdrawal from your bank account according to the frequency and amount you select, such as the last day of the month. There is no fee for this service. Recurring automatic withdrawal saves you the inconvenience of an envelope and a stamp. It guarantees that the payment is always received on time.
Application for Automatic Withdrawal

This option is similar to automatic recurring withdrawal except that you decide when you will pay. After receiving your application, the FSR Customer Service Department records your bank information and issues you a personal identification number (PIN). When you are ready to make a payment, simply call the 'Interactive Voice Response Unit' (IVR) at 303-299-9123 (local) or 1-800-374-6558 (toll-free) and follow the instructions for pay-by-phone. There is no additional fee for this service. You can schedule your payment up to thirty days in advance.
Application for Pay by Phone

Electronic Options for Receiving Payments

Direct Deposit
Instead of printing and mailing your child support or maintenance check to you, the FSR deposits the money electronically into your bank account. Your funds are typically available within 1 to 2 business days after the payment is received at the FSR. This saves you the time and inconvenience of having to take your check to the bank.
Application for Direct Deposit

FSR Card
The FSR Card is a more convenient way to receive and use your child support or maintenance payments. Your payments are automatically deposited directly to your FSR Card. Use your FSR Card to pay for goods and services anywhere VISA is accepted, just like any debit card. You can also get account balances and transaction information by phone or online anytime. There are no qualifications to receive the FSR Card.
Application for FSR Card

Or contact the FSR Customer Service Department to request any of these application forms.

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