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Website Troubleshooting

The system will not allow me to register, even though I entered all of the required information?

Even though you have entered all of the required fields, it is possible the child support system does not have all your personal information required for registration. There are a number of possible issues we have found related to the problem. Such as:
  • Social Security Number - This number may not be on our system or may be incorrect.
  • Name - We may not have your correct name on file due to a name change. Possible solutions may be to remove a hyphen and/or an apostrophe. Do not enter your nickname but the name exactly as it appears on your case.
  • FSR Account Number - Only enter the first 8 (eight) digits including leading zeros. If you have a 10 (ten) digit number, you do not need to enter in the last 2 (two) digits.

Contact CDHS_FSRCustomerService@state.co.us via email to research any issues related to updating your information. Include all the information requested on the registration form in your e-mail.

Can I change my password or userid?
Yes. Once you have logged into the website, you may change your personal profile using the "Change Profile" option on the left side of the page.

I cannot login on my account anymore. Do I need to register again?
Most likely the website was experiencing problems that should momentarily be corrected. Please try to sign in again. If the problem persists, contact Technical Support.

The font size is too small or too large making the website difficult to read.
The website works best with Internet Explorer, but other browsers such as Netscape, Mozilla and Opera should display the text clearly. Sometimes the browser settings can affect the quality of the web pages appearance. You may want to adjust the font size on your browser to make the characters larger or smaller.

I cannot find the answer to my question.
Please contact Technical Support.

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