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Review and Adjustment of Child Support

What happens if I lose my job or have another change in circumstances?
If you or the other parent has a significant change in your income or child related expenses, (such as day-care, health insurance, uninsured medical expenses) your child support order may be changed by using the county Child Support Enforcement Unit’s process known as “review and adjustment” or by filing a motion for modification with the appropriate court.

How often can the order be modified?
An order can be modified as often as is necessary if it meets the standard written in §14-10-122 of the Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.). This standard says change in circumstances must be substantial and continuing and that the amount of the child support order must increase or decrease by 10%. For example, if the child support order is $100 a month, it can be modified if it increased or decreased by $10 per month. If a change needs to be made related to the medical coverage for the children this is always a reason to change the support order.

What do I have to do to get the amount of the child support order changed?
If there is a Child Support Services (CSS) case, you can send a written request to your county CSE Unit explaining why you need the child support order changed. This is known as the “review and adjustment” process. Review and adjustment is the process used by your county CSE Unit to review the family's current financial situation and determine whether the child support order should be changed or not. You should include any supporting documentation you have such as pay stubs showing a change in income or receipts showing an increase in child related expenses (child care, health insurance, uninsured medical expenses). If there is not an open CSS case with a county CSE Unit, you may apply for services and then request a change in your support order.

At anytime you may also file a motion to modify with the court that has the authority to change the order. You may retain a private attorney to do this or represent yourself. Forms for filing a motion can be obtained at the Colorado Judicial Department website.

What if the child support order I want to modify was issued in another state?
Generally, if either parent still lives in the state that issued the order, that state will be able to modify the order. If both parties have left the state that issued the original order, then the state where the parent who did not request the modification lives will probably modify the order. If you have a Child Support Services (CSS) case, you should send your request to your caseworker who will decide which state will modify your order. You can also open a CSS case if one does not exist or contact the court or an attorney in the appropriate state on your own.

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