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Other Enforcement Remedies

What is an income assignment?
The income assignment is the form used to withhold the appropriate amount of child support from the obligated party’s paycheck.

What if I do not make enough money to cover the full amount due each month?
The employer is only able to take a percentage of your income, according to the garnishment statute, 13-54-104, C.R.S. If you feel too much is being taken out, contact your county Child Support Enforcement Unit. You may want to ask your local CSE Unit to help you seek a modification to you court order.

What if I have more than one family to support?
Your employer is instructed to meet the current monthly support amounts first and then the past-due child support that is owed. The amount of the arrears paid on the case is based on the arrears balances of each case.

What can I do if my passport application is denied?
You must contact your county Child Support Enforcement Unit to make payment arrangement and request a release.

What will happen if contempt is filed against me?
The court will hold hearings to determine if you have purposefully violated the court's order to pay child support. If it finds that you have purposefully failed to pay support, the court has the ability to order jail time or arrange with you to make payments for a certain time frame in lieu of jail. All penalties are at the discretion of the court.

How can I get the county to file contempt against my ex-spouse for not paying child support?
Each county has different requirements that must be met before contempt proceedings can begin. Contact your county Child Support Enforcement Unit to see what their requirements are.

How long does contempt take?
The contempt process itself takes a minimum of six months from start to finish. Added to that is the time it takes to get a court date, which can take several months.

How can I get the county to file a judgment in my case?

Each county has different policies as to when they file a judgment on a case. Contact your county Child Support Enforcement Unit to see when a judgment may be filed.

How do I get a lien cleared from my home?
The lien can only be cleared by paying off or satisfying the judgment filed that resulted in the lien. Contact the county Child Support Enforcement Unit that filed the lien to find out how much is needed to satisfy the judgment.

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Updated May 2016