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Medical Insurance & Medical Support

What if the other parent doesn’t provide the health insurance as ordered?

If the child is covered by Medical, Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+), or insurance obtained through a Marketplace (federal or state), then that coverage satisfies the terms of the child support order for covering health insurance.

If your child is not covered by any health insurance place, then the child support office can send a notice to the other parent’s employer requiring enrollment of your child in their plan. If the other parent is not enrolled in a plan, then you could choose a plan offered by the employer or the child could be enrolled in the employer's standard plan.

If you choose to secure a health insurance plan, but are not the party ordered to provide health insurance, you may request a review and adjustment of the order to reflect this.

What if the child is on Medicaid, does the other party still have to supply health insurance?
No. Medicaid, CHP+, and Marketplace insurance plans are acceptable forms of coverage for child support purposes.

What if I can get insurance through my current spouse?
If this is possible and the other parent is not supplying the insurance, you should pursue this. You will be able to submit proof of the cost of the coverage for credit on the child support guidelines if your current spouse provides medical insurance.

What if the other parent cannot get the insurance because his employer does not offer it or it costs too much?
If this is the case, you should try to get health insurance any way you can. You could consider obtaining health insurance through your employer or applying for Medicaid, CHP+, or Marketplace coverage. Also, the other parent may be able to get health insurance through his/her current spouse or if he/she belongs to a union, through that union.

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