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What is the State of Colorado's age of emancipation?
If your child support order was issued in Colorado, unless a court finds that a child is emancipated for another reason, emancipation occurs and child support ends when the child reaches 19 years of age. However, if the child is still in high school or an equivalent program, support continues until the end of the month following graduation but not beyond the age of 21. Child support can also continue past the age of 19 if both of the parties agree in a written stipulation, or the child is mentally or physically disabled and continued support is ordered.

Colorado's age of emancipation was lowered from 21 to 19 years of age on July 1, 1991. If your order was issued before July 1, 1991, the age of emancipation may be different. Please contact your local Child Support Enforcement Unit or a private attorney to determine the age of emancipation.

How do I obtain a certified copy of a court order?
An order can be obtained by contacting the clerk of the court that issued the order.

What is the status of my case?
By federal regulation, custodial parties must give information to and receive information from the state in which they requested services. Please contact your local caseworker.

Where can I find information on states' laws and agency contacts?
Look for the Online Interstate Roster and Referral Guide (IRG) at the Federal Office of Child Support Services website. It contains contact information for the child support agencies in every state as well as information on the states' child support laws.

How long does it take to begin receiving money if a case is sent to another state?
It takes an average of 90 days to get a case open in another state. However, many factors influence the amount of time it takes to begin receiving money, such as whether or not there is already a child support order and how quickly the other state can serve the party obligated to pay support with the paperwork. Your local caseworker can answer more specific questions regarding this process.

Where do I apply for child support services?
It is to your advantage to apply for services from the Child Support Services Agency in the county where you live.

Where can I get information regarding a change to custody or visitation?
Though we understand this is an important issue for you, the Child Support Services Agency has no jurisdiction over custody and visitation. You might want to consult a private attorney or seek assistance through the self-help desk at the court or through the Colorado Judicial Department website.

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