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Federal Deficit Reduction
Act of 2005

Where did this fee come from?
Congress approved this fee as part of the Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005. It is part of a large Bill with many provisions to help reduce the federal budget deficit.

How will I know when the fee will be taken?
If you keep track of how much support you have received, you will know when you have received $500. If you don't keep track of how much support you have received, you won't know until the fee is actually taken.

How do I keep track of how much support I've gotten?
You can check the CSS website at childsupport.state.co.us, where your account summary will help you keep track of the support you have received.

What if I received welfare in another state?
Contact the State Office of Child Support.

Will I get all of my support after the fee is taken?
Yes. You will get all of your support until you get $500, then the $25 fee will be taken from your next child support check. After the fee is taken, you will receive all of the support that is paid.

Will I pay only $25 a year?
Not necessarily. If you have more than one non-custodial parent paying child support, and each parent pays at least $500 in a fiscal year, you will be charged more than one fee.

How can I avoid paying this fee?
The only way to avoid paying this fee is to close your case with the Child Support Services office and enforce your child support order on your own or by hiring a private attorney.

Can I pay the fee now, instead of waiting for the automatic system to withhold it?
We appreciate your readiness to pay the fee, but we are not able to process your payment. Our system is set up to automatically withhold the fee when it has determined a fee is due. A fee is not due until you have received at least $500 in support payments.

Who pays the fee and how is it paid?
Colorado law requires that the custodial party pay the annual $25 fee if the requirements below are met. Once you have been sent $500 in child support, the $25 fee will be withheld from the next child support and/or spousal support payment sent to you. If the Child Support office can't take the entire $25 from your next payment, they will take it from the payment(s) after that until the $25 is paid.

  1. The custodial party has never received cash public assistance (AFDC or TANF) from Colorado or any other state. TANF or AFDC cash assistance does NOT include Food Stamps, WIC, child care, Medicaid, and/or Kid Care.
  2. The custodial party has received at least $500 in child support payments during the current federal fiscal year. The federal fiscal year starts on October 1 and continues until September 30 of the following calendar year.

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