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Establishing Child Support

I was just ordered to pay child support, and I already owe $3,000 in back support. How did this happen?
According to Colorado law, if you did not live with the custodial party and the child, an amount may have been ordered which represents support for the time period before child support was established. If the custodial party and children were receiving public assistance from a government agency, this amount may be owed to the state. If they were not receiving public assistance, this amount will be owed to the custodial party.

I have never appeared in court, why is there a child support order?
If you were personally served with legal documents or received legal documents by mail about the establishment of child support and did not respond within the required time period, a default order may have been entered. This is a legally valid and enforceable order. If you believe that you were not properly served, you may want to contact an attorney to discuss your options. If the child support amount is based on incorrect income information you may want to request a "review and adjustment" from your county Child Support Enforcement Unit or file a motion for modification with the court.

I have received documents telling me to appear in court or the county Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Unit on a certain day. However, I will be out of town and will not be able to attend. What should I do?
Do not ignore the documents. Contact the county CSE Unit or private attorney who sent the documents before the date and request a continuance. If you have not contacted the county CSE Unit or an attorney and you do not appear, an order establishing paternity and/or support could be entered without your presence.

The other parent has just opened a case with Child Support Services (CSS). Do I need to get an attorney?
Under Colorado law, the county CSE Unit represents the people of the State of Colorado. The Unit does not represent either parent. Either parent can hire a private attorney.

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