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Employer Scheduling Payments

When entering my employee's information it gives me the error:
Invalid Record
Verify that you are entering the correct social security number and the 8 digit remittance ID/FSR account number. Please do not use your FSR employer ID as the employee's remittance ID/FSR account number. If you continue to receive this message please email CDHS_FSREmployerServices@state.co.us. Include the information you entered in the email so that we may research the problem. Please do not send social security numbers by email.

When scheduling a payment I keep selecting "next" and it is not moving on to the next screen?
Make sure to check the box next to the employee's name and then select "next".

What is my User ID?
Your email address is your User ID.

I am still experiencing trouble logging in, problems with the website or have additional questions.
Please contact us at CDHS_FSREmployerServices@state.co.us or 1-800-696-1468.

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Updated May 2016