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Credit Reporting

I recently started making payments so why is my account still showing as past due?
If your account had become past due and you then start making regular monthly payments, the account will show as past due until you pay the past due amount in full.

I have one court order so why do I have two accounts on my credit report
If your account becomes more than 180 days past due, the balance is reported to a separate collection account.

What happens on my credit report if I owe current support but pay off my arrears balance?
Your account will continue to be reported, but with a zero balance. If your account was past due before you paid your balance, it will be reported as current from the time of the payment. If you had a collection account, the account will be deleted from your credit report.

If my child support account is incorrect on the credit report, how do I fix it?
You have three choices: (1) file a consumer dispute directly with the company who issued your credit report, (2) contact the county Child Support Enforcement caseworker that is handling your child support case, or (3) contact the State Enforcement Unit of the Colorado Division of Child Support Services (303-866-4323).

Why are two states reporting my child support account?
Chances are that your child support order is connected with an interstate child support case. To correct your credit report, file a consumer dispute as outlined in the previous question.

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