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Submit Electronic Payments

We are excited to announce new electronic payment functions for our registered employers on the Colorado Child Support website. The new features are free to use, will improve business efficiency, plus save your company time and money. No more cutting checks, no more mailing checks, and no more paying for postage!

Registered online employers can also receive Electronic notifications of Income Withholding Orders and report terminations and lump sums online.

There are two different options available to help you set up electronic payments:

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Debit -This feature allows employers to make online, one-time or recurring, payments from their checking or savings account. The Colorado Family Support Registry will initiate an ACH debit to withdraw the payment for the amount designated by the employer on a specified date. This function requires an additional registration and login process by the employer.

*Please verify with your bank in advance to make sure your account can be debited. A vendor authorization code can be provided if needed.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)/Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) -This feature allows employers to reconcile employee information so that they may begin to submit payments electronically via the ACH network. The employer transmits a payment file using the CCD+ or CTX 820 file format to their financial institution. The financial institution then sends the payment file to the Colorado Family Support Registry for processing. This function requires an additional registration and login process by the employer.

* We are unable to accept Prearranged Payment and Deposits (PPD) file formats.

Please contact the Employer Services Department to get set up for the Colorado Child Support Website at 303-297-2849, toll free 1-800-696-1468 or by email at CDHS_FSREmployerServices@state.co.us.