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Activated Reservists &
National Guard

The Colorado Office of Child Support Services (CSS) realizes that under Operation Enduring Freedom, many of you may be called to active duty, both at home and abroad. First and foremost, we join those who thank you for your service to our country.

CSS also realizes that some of you may be involved with our program as either a custodial parent or a noncustodial parent. You may have an order to receive child support, or you may be ordered to pay support for your children.

CSS wishes to inform you of our policies that address those of you called to active duty, particularly in the areas of review and adjustment, income withholding and medical support. Remember, if you owe $2500 or more in past due support, your passport may be withheld until you make arrangements for paying off your debt.

After reading the following, should you have additional questions, please contact the local county child support office where your case is assigned.

Income Withholding
If your support payments are being withheld from your paycheck, the child support office can transfer withholding to the Department of Defense (DFAS) on a timely basis to prevent or minimize missed payments. The information you provide to your employer from your orders and deployment letter will assist in making these changes. Also, ask your current employer to notify us of your last day of employment, date and amount of last paycheck, dependents currently enrolled in health insurance and what date the coverage will end.

Review and Adjustment
A custodial parent or noncustodial parent who has been called to active duty for a period of more than 30 days may request a review and possible adjustment due to an income change. The income change may be considered a substantial change in circumstances for purposes of review and adjustment. That means the Child Support Program will complete a review of the order regardless of the age of the order and complete a adjustment if the new amount differs by 10 percent from the existing obligation.

If you request a review of your order and a modification, please include:

  • A copy of your latest leave and earning statement; and
  • A copy of your orders to appear for active duty.

Send your written request and this documentation to the local county Child Support office handling your case. Please include your name, social security number and case number to ensure your request is processed correctly.

Medical Support
If you are ordered to provide health care coverage for your child(ren) and have not done so, we will ask the military to enroll the child(ren) in the appropriate health care plan. We may be able to assist you in signing your child(ren) with DEERS (the medical enrollment system for the Department of Defense).

For more information on Military Personnel, please visit the Federal Office of Child Support Services.

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