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Colorado Child Support Services Application

Child Support Basics

What Child Support Can Do

When a child support case is opened, CSS can attempt to:

  • Establish child/medical (health insurance) support orders.
  • Attempt to locate biological or presumed parents.
  • Establish parentage (paternity).
  • Change child/medical support orders (order modification).
  • Enforce child/medical support orders, including spousal maintenance (alimony) when it is combined with child support
  • Process payments through Colorado's Family Support Registry (FSR). The FSR processes payments for cases managed by local county child support offices (IV-D) and cases that are not enforced by counties (Non IV-D). Once an FSR account number is assigned to you, you will be able to register on the CSS website to view your account information.
  • Collect and distribute child support through income withholding, federal and state tax refunds, lottery winnings and other enforcement remedies.
  • Ask another state's child support agency to establish, modify, or enforce a support order on your behalf (Interstate Case).

What Child Support Cannot Do

  • Guarantee that our attempts to establish or enforce child or medical support orders will be successful.
  • Provide legal advice.
  • Assist you with a divorce filing.
  • Become involved in parenting time or custody issues.
  • Establish or modify spousal maintenance orders.
  • Collect:
    • Bills not related to support.
    • Property settlements.
    • Attorney fees.

Have Questions About Child Support? We Have Answers.

Applying for child support can seem complicated. It doesn't have to be. We've created the documents listed below to help you as you fill out your application. They will open in a new window when you click on the link, and you can save them to your computer.